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Window Film for Security Protection

The window is often the weakest link in the security of your home or business. Vandals often enter a property through the window to access your valuables and content.

There is a way to protect yourself, your business and your family from intruders who would normally smash the windows to gain inside access.  Click on the video and see how!

This is an actual surveillance video. Watch a real life attempted break and enter.  Click above.



Sun protection for all the windows of my home, privacy and energy savings are all important to me

Property & Facility Managers

property manager

Reducing building operating costs, Energy efficiency, Safety and Security, Anti-graffiti make a difference to me

Architects & Designers


Energy savings, Decorative designs, Low-e, Solar control and preventing sun damage matter most to us

caa quebec
Solar Guard
Panorama window films

Our Services

Solar film
Solar Films

A range of solar window films that will reduce heat, glare and fading.

Security window film
Security Films

A range of films that vary in thickness to provide safety, security, anti-graffiti and bomb blast protection.

Privacy window film
Privacy Films

A range of films that will provide full time privacy.

Colored Films

A range of transparent colored window films that can be used to cover an area or that can be computer cut to create logos or bespoke patterns.

decorative window film
Printed Films

A range of samples that show the effect that can be achieved by using different digital printing effects on different materials.

safety window film
Safety Films

A range of computer cut designs that can be used to make glass apparent and ensure that full height glass complies with local safety laws.

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Building Company

Severe heat from floor-to-ceiling windows and strong glare at specific times of the day was having an adverse impact on this modern home.

All interior furnishings-design center
Artisan Design
Design Center

Tampa-based designer Ralph Mills caters to high-end residential & Commercial clientele. He has invested heavily in his display windows and was looking for a solution to protect his business against the elements...

commercial building
Commercial Building
Melbourne, Australia

Overuse of energy and fluctuating temperatures was leading to higher electricity bills and uncomfortable tenants. We needed a economical solution...

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