solar window film

Solar Window Films & UV Window Films

Major uses

Prevention of solar heat gain, glare and fading from UV.


Typically reflective


Interior or exterior


Ranges from 5 Years to a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Access Protection stocks a wide range of solar window films and UV window films, each with a unique appearance and set of properties, making them a cost-effective solution to a full range of solar control issues. Our products are offered across Canada and installed locally by professional installers.

Benefits of Solar and UV Window Films


Heat & Comfort

Solar window films can virtually cut solar heat gain - the build up of excess heat that occurs when the sun shines through windows for extended periods of time. Solar films for windows reduce this heat build up by up to 80% making your building comfortable and energy efficient. The majority of solar films have reflective properties, which reflect away the sun's energy before it enters the building, making it a more effective choice than costly custom blinds.


Energy Consumption

Solar control films are an effective way to better control energy consumption by reducing cooling costs. Because of their heat rejection properties, solar films help maintain more stable indoor temperatures. This allows air conditioning systems to operate more efficiently and at a lower cost by limiting extreme peaks in usage.



Glare can make it hard to focus on computer screens or projectors creating an unpleasant working environment. Solar window film allows the natural daylight to pass through creating a reduced glare environment.


UV Protection & Fade Control

The sun's UV rays are a major cause of furniture and fabric fading. UV window films can prevent 99% of these harmful rays from entering your building and damaging expensive office furniture, equipment and valuable assets. The UV protection offered by our window films is equivalent to SPF 285.



Solar window films are available in a wide range of reflectivity. While a lightly tinted film will have very little impact on the appearance of your home or business, a film with a high reflectivity level will be darker, offer a higher level of protection and change the way your windows look from the outside and inside.


Privacy & Security

Some reflective solar films help protect your privacy by preventing people from seeing inside your home or business. Others, such as security window films, are also designed to increase the strength of your windows to prevent break-ins and glass shards.

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How Do Solar Window Films Work

Solar films are made of a thin layer of polyester impregnated with metal particles. Applied to the interior or exterior of your windows, this layer acts as a barrier by filtering and reflecting solar energy before it enters your home or business. When sun rays hit the film, solar energy, and harmful UV rays are blocked while visible light is allowed to pass. The amount of solar energy absorbed or reflected is based on the type of film used, with some films blocking up to 79% of solar energy. However, UV rays are 99% blocked regardless of the chosen film.

Graphic representation of how window film blocks solar radiation and UV light.

Graphic representation of how the window film blocks solar radiation and UV light.

Commercial Security Window Films, Access Protection

Commercial Solar Window Films

Provide a comfortable environment for your employees and customers with solar films for commercial windows. Solar films installed on business windows allow for better temperature management while reducing annoying glare on screens. In addition, UV films protect your assets from damage caused by UV rays.

Residential Security Window Films_Access Protection

Residential Solar Window Films

Transform your home into a comfortable living space with solar films for residential windows. These innovative films help regulate your home's interior temperature and reduce your cooling costs. Say goodbye to annoying screen glare and protect your valuables from damage caused by harmful UV rays.

Our Solar Window Films

  • Aluminium Series - Silver Series
  • Sentinel Plus
  • Solar Bronze Series
  • Stainless Steel Series
  • TrueVue
  • ULR Series
  • Panorama Series - Hilite Series
  • Panorama Series – Slate
  • Panorama Series - Sterling

Our Warranty

Access Protection works with products from Solar Gard, a reputable and world-renowned window film manufacturer. Solar Gard, a division of Saint-Gobain, offers products that compare to the best solar and UV window film brands on the market in terms of performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Solar Gard offers strong warranty coverage for its line of Solar Gard window films that ranges from 5 years to a limited lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do solar window films cost? The cost of solar window film varies depending on the type of film used, the size of the window, and the complexity of the installation. In general, the cost per square foot can range from $5 to $15.

How long do solar window films last? Depending on film quality, installation, and maintenance, solar window films can last up to 20 years. Be sure to purchase a reputable brand of solar window film and use professional installers.

Can solar window films be applied to all types of windows? Solar window films can be applied to most window types, including single-pane, double-pane, and tempered glass. However, certain types of windows, such as insulated glass units (IGUs), may require films specifically designed to work with them.

Do solar window films provide privacy? Solar films for commercial and residential windows can provide varying degrees of privacy, depending on the reflectivity factor of the film used. Some films are designed to provide complete privacy, while others offer a more subtle tint that reduces visibility into a building.

Will solar window films affect the visibility from inside the building? The visibility from inside a building varies depending on the type of solar window film used. Some darker tinted window films are designed to provide more privacy, which will slightly affect the quality and intensity of perceived exterior colors.

Can solar window films be removed? Yes, solar films for windows can be removed. However, the process can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, if you decide to do it yourself, you risk damaging your windows. We strongly recommend that you hire professionals to remove your window films.

If you have any questions about solar window films and UV window films, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about solar window films and window film installations for commercial or residential locations in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Halifax, and anywhere else in Canada. 

We also offer security window films, safety window films, decorative window films, and window films to prevent bird strikes; please visit these pages to learn more about our full range of window film solutions.

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