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We at Access Protection provide window film installations for both commercial and residential clients and are happy to work with designers to create the perfect space for their clients.

Solar film

Window films are being used in an increasingly wide range of situations and we are dedicated to finding the best solution for our customers. Commercial window film addresses issues such as heat, glare, fading, privacy, safety and security.

residential window film

Residential window films are being used in a wide range of situations from issues related to sun control, privacy, safety and energy savings.


Access Protection is well versed in working alongside architects, specifiers and other industry professionals, providing advice, film samples and costs as well as a full supply and installation service.

Our experts are happy to provide in-depth product information about our full range of window film products, which include:
Solar Protection Films

Access Protection supplies and installs a range of solar films, each designed to reduce the build-up of heat within your home or business.

Safety & Security Films
security window film

Windows and glass can be a potential weak link when it comes to security, but an application of specialized window film can provide a effective barrier.

Decorative Films
Privacy window film

Privacy is required for a number of reasons and in a variety of situations. Access Protection supply and install a wide range of privacy films, each varying in appearance with different properties and attributes.

Coloured Window Films

Colored window films are a highly effective and cost efficient way of transforming the appearance of windows and glass.

Computer Cut Designs
custom graphics

By computer cutting window film, it is possible to recreate intricate patterns for applications on windows, glass partitions and other surfaces.


Glass can be fragile and potentially dangerous material if broken. In most areas legislation dictates that safety glass should be installed in higher risk areas, sometimes we find after closer inspection that it might not be the case.  An application of safety window film is an effective way of reducing the risks associated with broken glass

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