Window Tinting Services and Installation

window tinting services and installation

Window tinting installation services across Canada. We created Access Protection to focus on providing customized window film solutions to fit the needs of our clients.

We specialize not only in decorative window films, but also in solar window films, security window films as well as window films to prevent bird strikes. We sell and install window films in all the provinces across the country.

Since 2007, Access Protection has carried out jobs in virtually every conceivable location, ranging from large scale multi-site projects, to single window requirements. Our fully qualified team is all trained and insured, relied upon for outstanding installations, regardless of the location.

At Access Protection we are passionate about bringing transformative window film designs and bring ideas to the marketplace that positively impacts people's lives. Our project teams include a combination of fully qualified and experienced fitting teams to deliver the highest standard installation possible, wherever you are in the country.

Robert bileadeau

Robert Brideau


We install window films on the following types of buildings or spaces: • Commercial buildings • Individual offices and conference rooms • Highrises • Vehicle dealerships that often have large scale display windows • Homes and chalets

We partner with clients to create successful window film installations that will reduce energy costs by keeping the temperatures more stable.

If you have any questions about window films, solar window filmssecurity window films or window films to prevent bird strikes, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about window film and window film installations for commercial or residential locations.

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