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Security Window Films

Major uses

Prevent break-ins and burglaries


Clear, reflective, frosted or tinted


Mostly interior. Some exterior depending on the situation.


Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential to 12 years for commercial.

Security window films sold by Access Protection Solutions help prevent rapid theft of merchandise and protect your personal property by securing the most vulnerable points of entry in your home or business which are glass windows and doors. Commonly installed on the inside of existing glass windows, they are an excellent option for enhancing the strength of regular glass and improving the privacy of the building occupants. Less expensive than tempered glass and more aesthetic than steel bars, they can help with:

  • Filtering the UV rays that can cause damage or fading to your furniture and other belongings.
  • Preventing or delaying forced entries by intruders or burglars
  • Keeping shattered glass in place to reduce the chances of injuries, in case of deliberate damage (such as vandalism) or unintentional accidents (such as a natural disaster)

Depending on the selected product, they can also help with:

  • Minimizing the heat passing through the glass to better control the temperature inside.
  • Limiting what people can see from outside-in, without compromising on the aesthetics or natural light passing through the windows.

What Are Security Window Films?

Available in a range of types and thicknesses, security window films are a tear-resistant film that keeps outside dangers securely outside.  Whether it is blast or impact events, break-and-enter crimes, accidents or natural disasters, these window films offer excellent protection to people, property, and possessions from unforeseen events. Essentially, you are adding an incredibly strong layer of film to your glass that enhances security and is virtually invisible.

The film comprises a heavy-duty polyester compound bonded to the surfaces using powerful adhesives. It can hold shattered glass together, minimizing the risk of injuries to passersby and building occupants, while also making the cleanup process safer and easier. Additionally, security films for glass windows provide an extra layer of protection against damage caused by the elements, such as strong winds, rain, or snow.

Benefits of Security Window Films

Whether it is a commercial building, a retail space, or a residence, security window films, as well as safety window films, are a great way to protect your existing glass windows from a wide range of threats. Here’s a closer look at the many benefits of these films.

Commercial Security Window Films, Access Protection


  • Keep intruders out and protects your valuable assets.
  • Offer excellent resistance to blast and impact events.
  • Minimize the chances of injury and makes the rescue or cleanup process simpler and more efficient by keeping shattered glass intact.
  • Offer greater control over damaging UV rays (as per selected product)
  •  Improve the safety of people and property.
Residential Security Window Films_Access Protection


  • Serve as a deterrent for intruders or burglars from breaking into your home.
  • Reduce the possibilities of injury from flying glass shards.
  • Enhance privacy without compromising on style or function (as per selected product).
  • Offer excellent solar control for enhanced UV protection to people and property (as per selected product).

Applications of Security Window Films

An effective layer of protection against theft, vandalism, terrorist bomb attacks, accidents, and natural disasters, security window films find applications across an extensive range of residential and commercial properties. From schools, hospitals, and public buildings to food establishments, jewelry stores, and gyms, a variety of businesses and public buildings can fortify their existing glass windows and doors by installing security window films.

High-value or heritage buildings that are often a target for acts of terrorism should also consider installing these window films for better blast mitigation and protection against the elements. Amongst the newer and upcoming sectors, cannabis growers are another sector that can highly benefit from installing burglar-proof window films to protect their businesses from theft.

In addition to preventing burglary and vandalism and limiting the damages of glass shatter, security films for glass windows can be a cost-efficient and highly functional addition to your home or business. Depending on the product you choose, you may also be able to reduce your energy bills, improve the solar protection of your valuables, and enhance the privacy of your property.

Security window films can be combined with anti-graffiti window films to enhance your commercial window protection.

Types of Security Window Films

Consisting of one or more layers of a high-tenacity polyester film bonded with special adhesives, security window films come in a variety of thicknesses. Most films are 4mils (100 microns) to 14 mils (350 microns) thick and available in rolls of 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” wide, with the roll length varying from 50 to 100-feet. Basically, the thicker the film, the higher its strength and greater its resistance to tears, breaks, or punctures.

Besides the length, width, and thickness, security window films also offer an assortment of finishes and functions. From clear to tinted options, all security window films create an effective, low-cost barrier that safeguards your premises and belongings against break-ins and UV rays. Some other films can also act as privacy enhancers and improve indoor comfort by rejecting solar heat.

Our Security Window Films

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Window Films for Security Protection Across Canada

Access Protection Solutions security window films help protect yourself, your retail space or your business against break-ins, vandalism and theft without blocking the views or changing your building’s external appearance.

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