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Access Protection Solutions sells and installs security and safety window films across Canada that help protect the goods and people in your building. Whether it is a retail space, a public building, an office or a home, the thin, clear, barely detectable window films can safeguard people and possessions from theft, break-ins, accidents, vandalism, and accidents caused by nature.

Most of these films can stand up to rough treatment as they are made from resilient layers of high-tensile polyester compound with aggressive adhesives for impact-resistant security. While they allow plenty of natural light to penetrate, security and safety window film solutions make your existing glass stronger and shield your residence or commercial building from any unwelcome surprises.

Our Security and Safety Window Film Solutions

Security Window Films

Security window films allow your windows to withstand all kinds of rough treatment. Specially designed to absorb shocks, they act as a barrier against vandalism and break-ins - a powerful deterrent to intruders - while keeping broken glass intact.

Safety Window Films

The strong layers of safety window films hold broken glass in place in the event of an accident, break-in or vandalism, protecting building occupants from flying glass shards. They also make cleaning easier and safer after the incident.

Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Anti-graffiti window films are a cost-efficient solution against spray paint, glass etching, and other acts of vandalism. Simply peel off the removable layers without any messy glue residue and replace with an easy-to-apply, new, clear coat that continues to keep your original windows in pristine condition.

Window Films to Prevent Bird Strikes

Bird deterrent window films significantly reduce the number of bird fatalities, without compromising on the architecture of the building. Applied to the exterior of the glass, these films are visible to birds, while providing 98% clear viewing from the inside.

Why You Should Install Security and Safety Window Films

Whether it is a residence, retail space, or businesses, security and safety window films offer a number of advantages to all types of premises depending on the needed requirements and chosen product.

Security against crime and vandalism: Making the glass much stronger and much harder to break, security and safety window film solutions create an additional barrier to keep intruders out and discourage crime and vandalism. Available in a range of finishes and thicknesses, certain security films even offer bomb blast protection, making them extremely valuable for high-value, heritage, or landmark buildings that are often vulnerable to acts of terrorism.

Protection from accidents: Security and safety window film solutions add strength and tenacity to the glass, making it better suited for high impact contact in case of accidents, such as clumsy individuals, stray balls, and more.

Safety against injury: The Canadian Building Code states that glass in critical public locations should be of safety glass standard. This is an important legal requirement for ensuring that the glass holds the fragments in place in case it shatters due to windborne debris and accidents. Security window film installed by professionals will make your existing windows strong, safe and compliant with applicable regulations.

Prevention against bird strikes: In Canada, every year, about 16 to 42 million birds die from collisions with windows, many of them in the Toronto region. Special bird deterrent window film solutions play a huge role in preventing bird strikes and safeguarding your windows.

Protection against UV and better control of temperature: From heat blocking technology to as much as 99% UV protection, some security and safety window film solutions offer improved temperature control and protection against fading caused by UV light.

What to Know About the Installation?

Installing safety and security window film solutions in your residential or commercial premises is best left to the professionals. While a DIY approach may save you some money, you may end up with issues, such as dust particles or moisture trapped between the window film and the glass.

At Access Protection, we have a team of highly skilled professional window film installers who serve the window film needs of clients across Canada. Here is a look at our typical steps for installing security and safety window film solutions.

  • Measurement and Film Selection: We will visit your premises to collect accurate measurements of the selected windows and place the order for custom-cut films for each window. This is also the time when we consult on different types of films and help you select the one that best matches your requirements.
  • Application: On installation day, our team will clean all the dirt and debris from your existing windows, skilfully place the film on the glass and use powerful adhesives and mounting solutions that bond to the glass in about 24 hours. The residual mounting solution may take slightly longer to dry, depending on the weather and the location of the windows.
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Window Protection Across Canada

Access Protection Solutions sells and installs security and safety window films in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax and anywhere else in Canada thanks to reliable network of professional installers. Our security and safety window films help protect your windows from deliberate or unintentional damage, without compromising on their visibility or aesthetic appeal. We offer a wide range of products, including solar window films, decorative films, security window films, and more. Contact us to learn more about our full suite of window films.

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