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Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Major uses

Prevents window damage from paint and etching.


Clear and in various thicknesses


Exterior windows or smooth surfaces


3 years

Anti-graffiti window films are an effective and affordable solution for building owners, transportation companies and tenants who are often faced with vandalism. As we know, glass surfaces often fall prey to disruptive elements, both deliberate and accidental. Whether it is the use of tools for scratching the surface, etching ‘art’, or spray painting the glass with graffiti, acts of vandalism or accidental events can leave your glass windows and other surfaces in an undesirable state or permanently damaged.

However, anti-graffiti window films act as a cost-efficient barrier protecting glass and other types of surfaces from permanent damages. From retail storefronts, schools, churches, restaurants, and public washrooms to glass displays, escalators, and public transportation, such as trains or buses, anti-graffiti window films find applications in most types of commercial establishments and public infrastructure facilities.

Anti-graffiti window films act as a cost-efficient barrier protecting glass and other types of surfaces from permanent damages.

In retail environments, maintaining a clean storefront goes a long way in building a credible image among customers and prospects. Special events like spontaneous demonstrations could pose an added threat of vandalism to your commercial premises. Consequently, a damaged and unappealing commercial premise could result in a significant loss of revenue and reputation during peak seasons. With anti-vandalism window films, you can erase graffiti and vandalism as if it never happened.

Similarly, public transport companies and public buildings can benefit from substantial savings by reducing their maintenance costs with anti-graffiti films. Simply remove and replace the anti-graffiti film with a new one to erase all traces of vandalism.

Window films to protect against graffiti can be combined with security window films or safety window films to enhance protection of commercial buildings or with solar window films for those seeking to protect their property from damage that may be caused by UV rays.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Optically clear anti-graffiti window films offer a proven and inexpensive solution to tackle vandalism and protect your building and assets 24/7. This exclusive system allows a qualified technician to simply peel off the old layer without any gooey adhesive mess and replace it with a new one to make your existing window glass look as good as new. Anti-graffiti window films are available in a variety of thicknesses up to 175 microns to address a range of issues, including dings, scratches, and acid etching.

Some of the many benefits of anti-graffiti window films are:

  • Represents a versatile solution that applies to glass, mirrors, stainless steel, marble, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.
  • Keeps the surface intact and prevents permanent damage from paint, key scratches, acid-etching and other disruptive activities.
  • Is extremely cost-effective. Instead of replacing or repairing the entire window glass or damaged surface, you just need to replace the anti-graffiti film.
  • Is quick, convenient and hassle-free. The film’s special adhesive ensures easy removal and replacement when damaged.
  • Features solar control technology that offers the additional benefit of protecting people and property from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Our Anti-Graffiti Window Film Products


Graffitigard™ by Solar Gard provides inexpensive protection against everything from glass etching to spray paint. It acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they cover and is specifically designed to be easily applied and removed when damaged. It also protects people and property from damaging UV rays.

4 MIL Graffitigard

6 MIL Graffitigard

7 MIL Graffitigard

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Anti-graffiti window films are a reliable, low-cost, high-efficiency solution to protect your infrastructure from permanent damage and costly repairs.

If you are looking for additional security to protect your assets, have a look at our security window films that can be combined with anti-graffiti window films for added protection. We also offer solar window films and commercial window tinting services for businesses and residential owners looking to resolve issues related to heat, glare, privacy and security.

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