Window Film to Prevent Bird Strikes

Major uses

Prevents collisions of birds with windows


Clear with specific spacing patterns




6 years, covers base product only

Window film to prevent bird strikes can help significantly reduce and eliminate birds’ collisions with commercial and residential tall buildings and highrises.

It is estimated that about 1 billion birds die every year in Canada from collisions with windows. An extremely high number of these fatalities occur in Toronto due to its proximity to Lake Ontario and significant migratory flyways combined with an abundance of low, mid and high-rise buildings.

Toronto has become the first municipality that requires bird films to prevent bird strikes for new development in order to prevent the needless deaths of migratory birds in the city.

Introduced in 2011, the Toronto Green Standard (TGS) requires Bird Collision Deterrence for all new development. These requirements must be applied to the following building types:

  • Residential development 4 stories and higher
  • All non-residential development
  • Low-rise residential development (under Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code) that is abutting a ravine or natural area and contains more than 5 units

The Problem

Birds are unable to perceive images reflected in glass as reflections and will fly into windows that appear to be trees or sky. They are also unable to perceive clear glass as a solid object.

As urban areas continue to expand, hazards for migrating birds increase. Changes in construction now allow for the greater use of glass in buildings making them increasingly more dangerous for birds to navigate through. The majority of new mid to high-rise buildings in Toronto and other big cities in Canada are at least 60 percent glass.

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The Solution: Bird Deterrent Window Films

Fortunately, there are solutions that will reduce the number of bird fatalities while maintaining the architecture.

Images or patterns can be applied to a building’s glass providing ‘visual markers’ which alert the birds that these are solid objects that need to be avoided. Any pattern will help to reduce the number of window fatalities but the denser the pattern the more effective it will be.

Adhesive window films to prevent bird strikes can be applied directly to the exterior of the glass. These bird deterrent films are visible to the birds without compromising the views from the interior of the building providing in excess of 98% clear viewing.

These bird deterrent solutions also blend into the architecture, enhancing rather than detracting from the building’s appearance.

In order to be economically viable, bird deterrent films must last many years. Our film is backed by a 6-year warranty, has an expected lifespan of 8 years and will not be affected by window cleaning.

Our Bird Deterrent Window Solution

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