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 Safety Window Films

Major uses

Protects from accidental window shattering and break-ins


Clear, reflective, frosted, or tinted


Mostly interior. Some exterior depending on the situation.


Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential to 12 years for commercial.

Access Protections Solutions offers safety window films and installation services to customers across Canada. Just like security window films, safety window films are an integral part of commercial and residential buildings that are looking to add an extra layer of protection for their customers and occupants. Essentially, what appears as a thin, clear, and barely detectable application, most often on the inside of the glass window is actually a micro-layered, tear-resistant material that keeps the glass in place and prevents flying shards from causing injuries to passersby or the building occupants.

Windows can break due to a number of reasons, including forced robberies, vandalism, severe weather, and accidents. However, safety films can minimize the threat to people, possessions and property. They also make the rescue or cleanup process simpler and more efficient.

What Are Safety Window Films

Also called Shatter-Resistant Window Films (SRWF), or anti-shatter films, safety window films improve the post-failure performance of your existing glass windows. SRWF is a laminate that holds the fragments of broken glass together in one sheet, effectively reducing the threat of flying glass fragments that threaten life and property.

Shatter-resistant window films are an excellent choice for adding a layer of protection to critical infrastructures, such as government facilities, transportation venues, airports, and other important buildings that may be vulnerable to terror attacks or other threats. Usually made from polyester-based materials and coated with high-power adhesives, window protective films also feature UV blockers that protect against damaging UV rays without compromising on the optical characteristics of the glass.

Benefits of Safety Window Films

Whether it is severe weather conditions, natural disasters, break-ins, vandalism, or accidents, glass windows are vulnerable to many external threats. Shatter-resistant window films are the ideal choice for preventing window shattering or flying glass shards that can injure people or damage property and possessions.

Commercial Safety Window Films_Access Protection


  • Minimizes the risk of injuries from flying glass shards.
  • Holds broken glass in place to facilitate the rescue and cleanup process.
  • Offers remarkable blast and impact-resistant capabilities.
  • Reduces the risk of break-ins, burglaries, and intrusions.
  • Offers exceptional solar control to block out damaging UV rays.
Residential Safety Window Films_Access Protection


  • Holds shattered window glass in place to minimize the risk of glass-related injuries and damage.
  • Deters intruders and thieves from entering your home.
  • Protects people and property from harmful UV rays.
  •  Protects your home from some accidental or environmental damages.

Applications of Safety Window Films

Both safety window films and security window films offer a reliable defense against unforeseen elements. Combined with anti-graffiti window films, they can protect and fortify the commercial windows in many buildings. For example, they are useful for retail storefronts, public and government buildings that are targets for acts of vandalism, as well as other commercial buildings, such as schools, hospitals, food establishments, and more.

In fact, protective window films are also highly beneficial for residential use, as windows and doors are the main points of break-ins, forced entry or other external threats to the home. Moreover, although not a common occurrence in Canada, shatter-resistant window films have excellent blast mitigation capabilities, making them an important tool for protecting people and property in spaces prone to such threats.

Some Reasons Why You Should Use Safety Window Films

Safety Window Films_Protection against accidents_Access Protection


Safety window films help prevent injuries to building occupants and passersby in the event of accidental window breakage caused by humans. It will hold the shattered glass in place and make the cleaning process easier and safer.

Window Films_Protection against break-ins_Access Protection


Deterring smash-and-grabs, break-and-enters, and acts of vandalism, shatter-resistant window films are an excellent choice to heighten the safety of your premises and the security of your building occupants.

Safety Window Films_Protection against severe weather_Access Protection

Severe Weather

Safety glass films are designed to absorb shock and hold together shattered glass fragments in the event of accidents caused by extreme weather conditions. These films help protect people and minimize damage to property.

Window Films_Food Safety_Access Protection

Food Safety

Commercial Window Film is now a legal requirement for all food preparation facilities that have glass whether in the interior or exterior windows facing food production equipment. Here is the federal government’s approval of Solar Gard films as food safety window film provider.

Types of Safety Window Films

Shatterproof window films are available in packaged rolls that are 24 inches to 72 inches wide in an assortment of sizes and finishes. The thickness may range from 2 to 14 mil, but most critical government infrastructure relies on a 8 to 14 mil anti-shatter security film.

Offering UV protection, safety glass films are available in clear, frosted and tinted options. Some products are also designed to provide high heat rejection resulting in improved indoor comfort and energy cost savings. Shatter-resistant window films have a proven track record of saving lives and property by holding together the glass shards even if the window is broken to pieces.

Our Safety Window Films

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Access Protection sells and installs safety window films to help protect businesses and families across Canada from smash-and-grab, break-ins, and other high-impact events that can cause damage to life and property. We also offer other commercial and residential window film solutions that may be of interest to you such as solar window films, anti-graffiti window film, window film to prevent bird strikes and residential and commercial window tinting. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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