Access Protection Window Films

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Solar film

A range of solar window films that will reduce heat, glare and fading of valuable assets in your office or home.

Security window film

Our window films will protect your store or commercial premises from theft, vandalism and anti-graffiti tagging.

decorative window film

A sleek range of films that will enhance the ambiance of office settings or provide privacy for meeting or conference rooms.

Window Film Solutions for Commercial, Residential and Design Purposes

Access Protection is a leading provider and installation expert of protection window films across Canada. We help you protect your company, control the temperature in your office space, control the glare from the sun, improve the safety and security of your premises and protect your furnishings and interiors in your home.

Benefits of Installing Window Protection Films:

· Combat solar heat gain to keep your home or office space more comfortable

· Gain protection against break-ins, vandalism and theft

· Create more private spaces for offices or meeting rooms

· Decrease the glare on computer screens and monitors

· Keep your interiors and furnishings from fading from harmful ultraviolet light

· Help the environment, increase your energy efficiency and reduce your cooling cost

· Provide bird collision deterrence, which reduces the amount of bird fatalities

We offer solar protection window films, decorative window films and safety and security window films; please visit these pages to learn more about our full range of window film solutions.


Sun protection for all the windows of my home, privacy and energy savings are all important to me

property manager

Reducing building operating costs, Energy efficiency, Safety and Security, Anti-graffiti make a difference to me


Energy savings, Decorative designs, Low-e, Solar control and preventing sun damage matter most to us

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