Solar Window Films and UV Window Films

Energy Saving Window Films: Success Stories

Commercial Building, Melbourne, Australia

commercial building

Installation Summary


Severe heat from floor-to-ceiling windows

Strong glare during certain times of the day

Increased occupant discomfort

Amount of Film:

9688 square feet (900 sq. meters)


SolarGard Grey Silver 20


Return on investment in 4 years

Decreased energy use

Reduced coolers needed from 2 to 1

Stabilized median temperatures and increased occupant comfort

Preserved views

“Solar Gard®  window film shrunk our energy use and put an end to the thermostat wars.
As a result of film installation, the operation of one of our chiller is now sufficient for most of the year. Because of the reduced load, chiller replacement can now be done in a orderly fashion”

Marty Byrne Marty Byrne
Facility Manager

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