Security Window Films and safety window films for home

Security Window Films Provide Numerous Benefits For Homes

Security window films provide numerous benefits. When it comes to the ambience and enjoyment of your residential or commercial building, the right windows make all the difference. Windows let you see out and light come in.

While indispensable to the quality of life for your family or employees, windows can also pose hazards. They can shatter during a storm or by accident, sending dangerous shards flying. They can easily admit unwanted intruders, like burglars. They can be conduits that make your office building or home too hot, driving up energy costs. That’s why you need to get the right safety and security window film installed by an established window protection company.

Security Window Films Improve Your Safety

A stray baseball, a severe hailstorm, or other catastrophes can shatter windows, posing a risk to anyone nearby, as well as causing other property damage. By installing a proven anti-break glass film such as Solar Gard Armorcoat, you can ensure the greater safety of window glass in your home or place of business.

With the anti-breaking film, glass is better able to absorb shocks, stay in place, or keep dangerous shards together, minimizing the risk of potential injuries.

The resistance and opacity of the right security and safety window film can also deter burglars and even provide protection from explosive blasts.

Combat Solar Heat Gain to Keep Your Building Space Comfortable

Practically invisible when installed on glass, Solar Gard safety window film works hard to block harmful sun rays while letting visible light through. It allows you to live or work with your blinds wide open, helping to prevent glare, excessive hotspots, and uneven temperature fluctuations, rejecting up to 79% of solar energy.

In these environmentally-conscious times, where sustainability and lessening carbon footprints are a priority, it’s important to have a window protection film solution that conserves energy and saves money.

Solar Gard controls interior temperatures and keeps them steady, cutting back on the need for air conditioning and helping businesses control their bottom lines while meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations, including LEED certifications.

The anti-glare properties of the safety window film also reduce eyestrain as you use computers or watch TV. Solar window films and UV filters in the security window films will even protect your interiors from fading.

Security Window Films Safeguard Your Property Against Vandals

Graffiti vandals armed with spray paint are a sad fact of life for many businesses, defacing property and creating expensive clean-ups. With a security window film solution such as Solar Gard’s Graffitigard, you can protect your windows from chemicals, paint splatter, key scratches, acid etching, and more. You can easily remove the film without any messy glue or adhesives and replace it with a new clean layer.

You can maintain the look of your property and protect it for far less than the cost of replacing entire windows.

Prevent Bird Strikes on Your Building

Each year, approximately 25 million birds in Canada are killed after striking building windows. The problem is so common that Toronto now has a Toronto Green Standard that requires new buildings to take measures to cut down on the problem.

Since most new buildings are 60% glass, it makes sense to have them treated with bird-deterrent window films, imprinted with patterns that keep the birds from flying into what they might otherwise see as clear sky.

The right bird-deterrent film solution needs to be cost-effective, durable and designed to blend in with the building’s architecture while still allowing clear views out.

Access Protection Solutions’ window films have a six-year warranty and are designed to last up to eight years, unaffected by window washing.

Change Your Building’s Appearance with Window Film Solutions

When considering the security or safety film solution that best suits your needs, you have a wide variety of tints and colours to choose from, ranging from optically clear to fully reflective. Access Protection Solutions also offers decorative window films with clear, frost, black, white, and opaque options that are all designed to provide you with greater privacy.

With our window films, you can change the appearance of your property as little or as much as you desire.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, window films can provide an additional level of security to your home in many ways. Depending on the type of window film you choose, you can gain more privacy, protect your belongings from UV rays, theft and vandalism, better control heat and glare, or prevent bird strikes. Some security and safety window films can offer many of these benefits or can be combined with others to meet all your needs.

Get Your Window Protection from the Security Film Installation Experts

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We also offer the services of professional installers in major cities across Canada – from Vancouver to Halifax – who can help you install window protection film, solar window films, and decorative films on your commercial building, retail location, or home.