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Security Window Films Provide Numerous Benefits For Homes

Security window films provide numerous benefits. When it comes to the ambience and enjoyment of your residential or commercial building, the right windows make all the difference. Windows let you see out and light come in. While indispensable to the quality of life for your family or employees, windows can also pose hazards. They can […]

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5 Benefits of Installing Home Window Films

Window films provide numerous benefits to homeowners by making their homes safer and more energy efficient. The process of installing window films is simple, affordable, and convenient. A few of the benefits that you can look forward to will include protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays for your family and your valued possessions, a cooler environment, […]

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How to Incorporate Window Films Into New & Existing Building Designs

Are you looking to reduce energy consumption in your building without sacrificing aesthetic? Whether you’re an architect, designer or civil engineer, working on a new or existing building, window films are a great tool to use for this purpose. Not only can they shade your space, window films can provide privacy, increase safety and security, […]

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Protect Your Business with Security Window Films

If you’re a business owner or building manager, security has got to be high on your list of priorities, especially with how things have been going over the past few months. Montreal and Toronto-area business owners, especially those with bars, restaurants, and storefronts that are temporarily closed, are claiming higher rates of vandalism and theft […]

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10 Important Considerations When Choosing Window Films

There are various reasons why someone would choose window films. These coverings offer many beneficial features, but it’s always important to be aware of what you are trying to achieve. Contributing elements such as cost and the characteristics each film affords should be considered before installation. Here are 10 things to keep in mind when […]

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