Solar Window Films

Solar Window Films Benefits For Your Office

Solar window films can help you solve numerous work environment challenges. Running a business means balancing a lot of different factors in order to ensure that work goes smoothly and profit generation is steady. You need to find a suitable building in which to set up your office, you need to get the right equipment for employees to get the job done, and of course, you need reliable employees who can be trusted to execute their responsibilities.

But beyond all this, you should also be thinking about maintaining a safe, comfortable working environment. And though you may not always realize it, the windows of a building can play a role in both the comfort and energy efficiency of your business environment and operations. But how? Windows can impact everything from energy bills to productivity to the lifespan of your equipment. Solar window film can be a wise investment toward improving your office environment and bottom line, so let’s get a better look at what commercial UV window film can do for you.

The Benefits of Solar Window Films

There are many different reasons why a building or business owner should apply UV window films to their office windows. For people who are concerned about business image, solar window film, while transparent, can come in a variety of different tints and colours. So you can get a distinctive look for your office with different coloured films for a very striking and unique-looking exterior.

Beyond just the aesthetic ability of solar window films to offer different colours, there are very real business benefits. Whether you’re looking to save money, preserve furniture, or make work more efficient, solar window films can do all that for an office.

Ultra Violet Protection

Commercial UV window film is most valuable in an office environment for its ability to screen out ultraviolet radiation. UV rays aren’t all bad. The human body, for example, requires the presence of some UV radiation in the environment in order to trigger the production of vitamin D, which is a necessary supplement for good health.

However, UV radiation through overexposure can do a lot of unhealthy damage, and UV window film can prevent that. Too much UV radiation causes sunburns when people are outside, unprotected, for too long on sunny days. Excessive exposure to UV radiation over months and years is, unfortunately, a significant factor in both the premature aging of the skin and ultimately the development of skin cancer as well. So for people who don’t want to wrinkle and develop liver spots before their time and don’t want to develop skin cancer, sitting near an unprotected window five days a week, getting the “full blast” of unfiltered sunlight, several hours a day, can lead to a lot of harm.

Constant exposure to UV radiation can even weaken the immune system, leaving people more vulnerable to illnesses. So it’s really in the best interest of any company to make sure that employees and management keep their daily exposure to UV rays to a minimum with a good UV window film.

Protect Equipment & Furniture

Sun-blocking window film can also have a very beneficial effect on the office equipment and furniture. In the case of furniture, if you’ve ever seen or heard the term “sun bleached” that’s UV radiation at work. If you have furniture in your office near unfiltered windows, given enough time, the colours of that furniture will inevitably fade.

However, more importantly, constant exposure to UV radiation can actually weaken plastics, nylon, and polystyrene. So if you have any products or equipment made out of these materials and they are directly exposed to unfiltered sunlight from a window, you are shortening the lifespan of these products and incurring costs to repair or replace them.

Decrease Energy Bills

Due to the properties of heat-blocking window film, offices can enjoy a much more stable environment as the sunlight streaming in no longer brings any heat with it as well. So employees directly exposed during the workday don’t feel hotter, but, more importantly, the office itself doesn’t heat up. And that means that the air conditioning systems don’t have to work as frequently to maintain a comfortable environment. So, you’ll pay less on your cooling bills in the summer.

Easier Computer Use

When monitors and other displays weren’t so prominent in offices, sunlight was a great way to keep an office well-lit while lowering electrical costs because it meant the lighting systems didn’t need to be used. However, sunlight and CRT or LED displays don’t mix very well, especially if sunlight is shining directly on these displays, making it very difficult to see the screen.

Thanks to the glare reduction capabilities of solar window film, you can now enjoy the benefits of a fully sunlit environment without compromising on the ability to see or read an electronic monitor. Minimizing these blinding distractions is essential for office life, not just for eye comfort but to reliably get work done.

Accident Prevention

Humans know the properties of windows and glass, but birds don’t. In fact, birds die as a result of striking windows on a regular basis, and this applies to tall office buildings and sometimes even homes. These accidents happen because either the environment is reflected and a bird doesn’t realize this or the bird simply wants to get at what it sees on the other side of the glass and doesn’t know the glass is there.

A good, non-reflective, bird deterrent window film or solar window film can disrupt the transparency of windows and make them appear more barrier-like, discouraging birds from trying to fly through them. Window film both keeps your windows in better condition and helps out local wildlife.

Get It Done Right

For the best results in solar window film, with years of reliable use and little to no maintenance, make sure experienced professionals install your commercial UV window film. Contact Access Protection Solutions if you have any questions or concerns, and we can guide you through the options for the best solar window film solution for your office needs.