UV Window Films for home

UV Window Film Benefits for Your Home

Solar window film or window tinting blocks a large amount of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering your home. While these window film treatments are best known for cutting your utility costs, they offer homeowners many other benefits. Discover how UV window film can make your home more comfortable and easier to maintain.

Cut Utility Costs

Let’s address the most common benefit first. Solar window film reduces, and sometimes completely eliminates solar gain. Solar gain is when, in the summer, light from the sun heats your home and competes with your air conditioning. The result is a ton of wasted energy as your air conditioner tries to cool off a room that is being heated by the sun.

Solar window film significantly cuts solar gain and gives your home cooling system and your bank account a break. Check out  performance stats of solar window films to learn more about how much UV light your window tinting can block.

Protect Furniture

Solar gain isn’t the only problem UV light brings into your home. It also has a degrading effect on your furniture. UV light is almost like bleach to upholstery on your couch and your carpet. As a result, your furniture will fade and need to be replaced faster. Often, furniture and carpeting are partially shaded at some parts of the day and therefore fade unevenly, which can make them unsightly.

Enjoy a Glare-less Living Room

You probably deal with glare in your living room, home office, bedroom, and essentially anywhere you use a screen, from your smartphone to your television. Solar window film can reduce glare, so you don’t have to pull the curtains back or rearrange your furniture in order to look at your screen.

Use Even on New Windows

Window tinting services and installation are typically performed on old windows that, until we tint them or replace them, let in a lot of UV light. However, if you have new windows, they can still benefit from window tinting. Not all new windows are outfitted with the best solar window film and adding it can benefit you in all of the other ways listed above.

Get Government or Utility Rebates

How many home improvements have you done that let you tap into rebates from your government or utility rebates? As part of green incentive programs, your government or utility company can cover some of the cost of your solar window films. You save money on utilities and potentially even increase the value of your home, without making all of the up-front investment.

Reach Out to Access Protection Solutions for your Window Film Needs

For the best results in UV window film for your home, with years of reliable use and little to no maintenance, make sure experienced professionals install your UV window film. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Access Protection Solutions and we can guide you through the options for the best solar window film solution for your home.