Bird Deterrent Window Films

Bird Deterrent Window Films

Bird deterrent window films are increasingly used to prevent birds from hitting windows in homes and high-rises. Our relationship with nature has, especially in recent generations, been less than harmonious or balanced. Our cities create new ecosystems that destroy whatever the existing one was, and our technology can have unintended consequences, like attracting insects to light, disrupting food sources, or other changes to the natural order of things.

Even when it comes to an animal that we normally view as free and untouchable, like birds, the things we do to create controlled, urbanized environments have significant ramifications. One of these, completely unforeseen at the time, is our use of windows.

Bird Deterrent Window Films Help Birds Avoid Impact

bird deterrent window films

If you’ve ever seen a child or even a distracted adult walk right into a glass door and be completely shocked upon making an impact with something solid, you now understand how the rest of the natural world views windows. They are invisible barriers.

It takes a human mind a few years to properly absorb and digest the “concept” of windows and react appropriately. Given enough time, the human brain eventually learns to recognize telltale signs like window frames, the variance in images due to reflection, or even the dirt on a window pane. Whatever it is, we are alerted to the fact that there is a solid piece of glass in front of that open space. Over the decades, our ability to navigate this barrier becomes simple.

Birds, of course, don’t have the same intellectual capability, learning curve, or lifespan to incorporate this information. And this means that, as much as humans may take the appearance and operation of windows for granted, we cannot assume that wildlife instantly jumps to the same conclusions that we do.

Birds Just Don’t See the Glass

Birds fly into windows regularly, whether it’s in cities like Toronto or on a windshield on the road. The reason is simple: birds just don’t know that a window is solid. So when a bird sees something enticing in a home or an office, for example, their natural inclination is to investigate.

The bird is estimating its flight and landing based on the assumption that it has a clear path, so they regularly hit windows at full speed, which can potentially be lethal. If these incidents happen at higher altitudes, then the odds of a bird surviving the incident drop significantly.

Windows Present Illusions to Wildlife

Another reason that birds may fly straight into windows is that they do not understand the concept of reflection. Some windows—especially on office buildings—may be highly reflective, showing off clouds and sky.

Birds may get confused or mistake the reflection presented by the glass for more sky and thus continue to investigate. Sometimes the reflection is of other things of interest from the street. Regardless of the source of the reflection, the result is often the same: a bird hits a window and potentially damages the window and loses its life.

Improve Your Impact on Wildlife with Bird Deterrent Window Films

There are solutions to this problem, in the form of window film to prevent bird strikes.

Bird deterrent window films can come in a variety of different looks. One of the most common ways to prevent birds from flying straight into a window is to give them “more warning.” Birds will fly at full speed if they see reflections or exciting things beyond a window that looks clear.

What a bird window deterrent does is break up the illusion of a reflection or a clear path. That can mean that the window appears opaque from the outside, so birds simply can’t see inside. Or it may mean that a pattern, such as lines, squares, or other shapes, is on the window. The pattern is designed specifically to negate reflection, so windows are always visible. Now, no matter which direction a bird flies, that bird will see something that looks like a barrier, netting, or even a cage. With this “visual cue,” they are much more likely to avoid the window, rather than fly towards it, ignorantly, at full speed.

Environmental & Cost Conscious

Repairing a damaged window is essential. A broken window isn’t just unsightly, but it can also be dangerous and have a significant impact on energy bills for heating and cooling. Bird deterrent window film protects birds from injury and death, and it even helps building owners or managers avoid costly—and easily preventable—repairs to windows.

Window film can be especially crucial for taller buildings, where window replacement or repair can require much more effort and coordination if damage has occurred several floors up. Now it’s not as simple as walking up to a window, laying the damaged window the side and replacing it. Access to windows at higher elevations requires more specialized work and equipment.
Preparing for the Future

If you have a business in Toronto or the surrounding areas and you’re going to be constructing a new building, bird deterrent window film isn’t just a good idea, but it’s the law. Any new construction in the Toronto area that has a height of four stories or more must now use some type of bird window deterrent as a building requirement.

If you find yourself planning a project for your building, and you know that you’re going to exceed the height designation, start taking this into account now. You want to stay compliant with building codes, but more importantly, you want to make sure your windows don’t get damaged, and that your building is not contributing to unnecessary, preventable deaths of birds.

Bird Deterrent Window Films Solutions

If you’re interested in getting bird deterrent window films for your building, but you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry because we do! Just contact Access Protection Solutions, and bring us your questions or even your early plans for implementing bird deterrent window films. We can talk you through what’s required to achieve your goal and what’s the best way to go about it for your building. We can also help with additional concerns like energy efficiency, window UV control, and even better window security. There’s a lot that window films can do for you!