Protect Your Business with Security Window Films

Protect Your Business with Security Window Films

If you’re a business owner or building manager, security has got to be high on your list of priorities, especially with how things have been going over the past few months. Montreal and Toronto-area business owners, especially those with bars, restaurants, and storefronts that are temporarily closed, are claiming higher rates of vandalism and theft since the coronavirus pandemic started, and whether that includes your business or not, beefing up security is always a good idea.

One way you can help protect your business is by adding security window film to your existing windows. This protective window film helps to protect your business in some important ways.

Preventing People from Seeing Inside

Theft can be reduced by preventing potential intruders from looking through your windows and seeing the contents of your space. Window film can be added that limits what people can see, while still allowing enough natural light in to carry on as usual on the inside. This commercial window tinting is an important security feature because you never know who may be strolling by local businesses and just looking for the right place to come back and rob later. 

Stronger Windows that are Harder to Break

If someone does decide to vandalize your business by breaking the windows, security window film will provide added strength so the windows are more difficult to break. It’s important to keep in mind that most of the time, thieves are looking for the path of least resistance when it comes to breaking into businesses. When they realize that your windows are equipped with a protective layer that resists the impact, they will likely move on. Graffiti resistance is an added feature on our window films that can be removed easily and reapplied to the protected windows in the case of graffiti vandalism.

You can get window film in a variety of thicknesses (up to bomb blast protection level) and finishes and have it applied on either the inside or the outside of the glass. With a quality window film in place, you’ll be able to discourage break-ins or vandalism and prevent your business from being victimized in that way. 

The Safety Element

Having window film in place on your windows also adds an element of safety that wouldn’t be there otherwise. There is a safety standard for glass in critical locations that has been set out by the Canadian Building code that isn’t always met by standard windows, but will be once a quality window film has been installed. Also, if your windows are broken, the shards and little pieces of glass won’t be scattered all over the floor, they will remain in place within the coating.

Even if you already have a security system in place, adding security window film could be the difference between being victimized or left alone. At Access Protection Solutions, we can provide you with superior security window film, window tinting services and installation, to keep your business and employees safe.  

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