commercial window film

Commercial window film benefits and solutions

Commercial window film offers significant benefits to different office and industrial structures. Whether your building has few or many windows, commercial window film can help you increase the efficiency of your space, improve the security of the location and lower the heating and cooling energy bill.  Let’s elaborate on the benefits of commercial window film more in detail.

Easier Viewing Environment

It wasn’t such a big issue in the 20th century, but as the age of computers dawned on us, and more and more businesses relied on computer technology, sunlight became a problem. While windows are great for keeping electrical costs down by negating the need for electrical lighting systems to be on during the day, sunlight itself can be problematic for all kinds of displays.

Monitors, unlike ordinary, everyday desk objects like pens and paper, do not reflect light, which is how we can see these normal objects. Instead, the images on a digital display generate their own light. And that light is easily overpowered by the natural intensity of sunlight. In other words, depending on the angle of a monitor or other digital display, seeing what’s on a monitor can be difficult or nearly impossible on a sunny day.

However, getting commercial window tinting eliminates this problem with glare. A building still gets natural light, but the light is not as focused or intense as it would be from a standard, unfiltered window. This tinting film allows the lighting of the monitor to be comfortably read rather than obscured by sunlight.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial window film can be a very useful tool in keeping your energy bills lower. In the winter, you use a furnace to keep things warm, and in the summer, you use an air conditioner to keep things cool. Sunlight and outdoor temperatures have an effect on both of these mechanically maintained environments. Unfiltered sunlight streaming in during the summer can actually heat up a room, forcing your air conditioner to work harder and more often than necessary. In the winter, unprotected windows are an area of leakage, where cold air can seep in, forcing a furnace to fire up more often and operate longer.

Commercial window film acts as another barrier, which often makes up for deficiencies in older windows if you don’t want to upgrade to newer models. By insulating the glass, commercial solar window film can stabilize and maintain the interior temperature, preventing the heat of sunlight from warming a room up in the summer, and preventing cold air from leaking into the environment in winter, fighting drafts.

Safer Space

With the proper commercial UV window film, ultra-violet rays can be eliminated from working areas. UV radiation, over a long enough timespan, can damage both organic and inorganic materials. Your furniture and other office objects will eventually lose their vibrancy and colour will fade or become “sun bleached.” Rays can also damage equipment made up of many materials, such as plastics. Commercial UV window film significantly reduces UV radiation and preserves the colour and integrity of furnishings, rugs, and equipment in a commercial, retail, or industrial space.

Ultraviolet radiation also has the same effect on people inside unprotected buildings. If a person is inside but still exposed to UV rays, they may develop skin damage or even skin cancer through constant exposure. Commercial UV window film allows for all the advantages of sunlight with none of the harmful side-effects.


Commercial window film also has security properties, acting as a layer of reinforcement and even shock absorption. Glass is inflexible, making it brittle, so it shatters upon a strong enough impact. However, with commercial window film made for security purposes, impacts will not shatter or fragment glass, creating more protection as well as safety for people inside. A complex construction of polyester that is laminated into multiple layers is at work to create this level of security. It creates both strength and resiliency once the film adheres to a window. Windows that don’t shatter can even deter thieves, as this makes a building a more difficult target and therefore less appealing.

Some types of commercial security window film can even be used to fight against graffiti. With this type of film, layers are added to the exterior of a window and are easily peeled off and replaced. It negates the need for cleaning with a much neater, more efficient solution.


An added security feature of some commercial window films is that they even help prevent crime. The windows can be tinted such that they are frosted or even have one-way viewing, which means they only allow people inside to look outside. While people within a building enjoy the full view, their activities inside can’t be seen and neither can the expensive equipment or other temptations inside.

The best way to prevent theft is not to give thieves any reason or motivation to target a building. If they can’t see inside to assess whether or not there’s anything of value, they will move on to an easier target. Deterrence is an even more effective way to fight crime.

Commercial Window Film is a Versatile Solution

Commercial window film can perform a number of different and helpful functions for your building, whether you have commercial or industrial interests. If you think it’s time your windows got an upgrade for safety, for convenience, for energy efficiency, to change the look of your building, or even for added security and crime prevention, we invite you to contact us today. As window tinting experts, We can talk you through what you need or want for your building and show you what commercial window film options can best suit your needs and building