Decorative Window Films

Decorative Window Films For Your Commercial Building Needs

Decorative window films provide an easy win-win solution for those wanting to benefit from an open office while clearly defining the space and achieving privacy.

Windows give a commercial space a sense of openness while inviting natural light and warmth into the area. Exterior wall windows also enable employees and guests to enjoy stimulating and sometimes beautiful views.

However, large, uncovered windows also invite prying eyes into your confidential work environment. Outsiders can see into your office; sensitive information on a computer screen is visible to unauthorized personnel; closed-door meetings attract unwanted audiences.

Numerous Benefits of Decorative Window Films

Commercial window tinting done using decorative window films offers the best solution. Adding decorative window films to your glass still permits natural lighting and open sightlines for your office, but it gives your workspace that much-needed privacy and personality as well.

Add Colour

Decorative window films do not come in only frosty or neutral tones. Vibrant colours can be applied to give your place a bright look that complements your decor and brand image.

Incorporate Artistry Using Logos & Images

Adding images that represent your company’s brand will add beauty and style to otherwise plain window panes. The cut-out decals can help define your company’s work, mission, and values using a sophisticated and professional soft sell approach. At the same time, window decals can promote your services to the public.

Improve Branding

Decorative window film helps define your company and brand. Your logo and artwork will be seen by the public or other corporate personnel frequently, making it easier for outsiders to recognize your brand and services.

Provide Unique Style

Our decorative window films are designed to meet your business needs and wants, so it gives your space its own unique style and charm.

Protect Furniture and Office Supplies from Fading

Over time, too much sunshine can damage office furnishings, equipment, and supplies. Not only is this costly, but prematurely old, worn, or mismatched looking furnishings take away from the professional image you want to represent. Commercial window tinting allows you to extend the lifespan of your furniture and electronic equipment.

Personalize Your Work Environment

As a business owner, you strive to create a very personal workplace. From the paint to the furniture, office supplies and decor are chosen with care to give your office environment a look that represents you and your staff. Window decals, mirror films, and other treatments help give your business a personalized look. With unique films and decals, you can establish your office as an energetic place to work, and one that is filled with life.

Decorative Window Films Add a Contemporary Sophistication to Your Space

No one wants their office space to look unprofessional by taping coverings over windows, by hanging faded or generic curtains, or by using mismatched pieces of whatever you could find to block the sun. Our decorative window films give your professional space a more modern, sophisticated look to improve your corporate image.

In addition to selling decorative window films, Access Protection provides solar window films, security window films and commercial window tinting services. If you have any questions about decorative window films, we invite to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and review your custom window tinting requirements.