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Window films provide businesses with more privacy, add comfort to workspaces, and help employees be more productive. Window tinting combats heat for lower energy costs, decreases glare on computer screens, and gives protection against vandalism.

Although there are multiple options of window films and window tinting applications, our Toronto window films team will help you identify which product is best for your commercial or residential needs. We’ll find a solution that adds value to your property without breaking your budget.

Different Types of Window Films

Different types of window films serve specific purposes. Here is an overview of the most common types of window films.

Privacy Window Films

Privacy window films help limit what others see through your windows while still letting natural light into your workspace. These window films provide you with a solution to protect your confidentiality, maintain employee safety, and keep your business secure.

Privacy window films are ideal for Toronto businesses for the following reasons:

  • Grants privacy from unauthorized personnel
  • Safeguards against vandalism or graffiti
  • Acts as a shield from scattered chemicals or dust
  • Offers security from shattered glass or break-ins
  • Protects people and property

The durability and reliability of privacy window films protect your business from prying eyes, unneeded messes, and experienced vandals. Depending on your preference, our window films provide one-way or two-way privacy to meet the needs of your workspace, office, or building.

We offer transparent films, frosted products, and a variety of reflective colours that can be installed on the interior or exterior of the windowpane. It’s a way of adding security to your Toronto property, without making it look like it’s on lockdown.

Solar Window Films

Solar window films help reduce the harmful effect of the sun on your building’s interior. With this protective layer, solar heat will be reduced, thereby impacting the comfort level and energy efficiency of your building.

With less reliance on your building’s cooling system, you’ll see a decrease in energy consumption during hot months. For window tinting in Toronto, you’ll receive savings on your energy bill, decrease your footprint on the environment, and help your staff feel more comfortable through the summer heat.

Solar film also reduces glare, helping your employees focus on their computer screens without irritation or struggle. Important presentations and daily work activities can resume without any outside interference, so your company runs smoothly and efficiently.

UV films also protect against harmful ultraviolet rays. The sun’s UV rays are a leading cause of health problems, such as rashes, premature aging, and cancer. By protecting your employees and guests from UV exposure, they will stay healthier and more comfortable as they continue their work and grow your business.

UV rays also impact your furniture, equipment, and assets. Our solutions for window tinting in Toronto will help your resources last longer, maintain their protective paint coatings, and keep them looking fresh. Window films will help decrease your costs of upgrading, replacing, or furnishing assets.

Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films help you express your creative side and give your business a visual edge over other companies in Toronto. Decorative window films help you communicate your brand, enhance your glass, and segment your workspaces with modern design.

Examples of exterior custom decorative window films include:

  • Multicoloured tinting for vibrant, eye-catching detail
  • Computer cut designs that are specific to your business products
  • Images for marketing, branding, and advertising
  • Welcoming slogans for main entrances and doors

Interior decorative window films help modernize your space and include:

  • Frosted designs for private offices and cubicles
  • Custom patterns for boardrooms and conference areas
  • Decorative lines to match interior moulding and paint
  • Coloured designs to brighten your workspace and match your brand

The possibilities are endless, and we provide custom decorative window films based on your needs and desires. Peruse our catalogue for ideas or send us your own concept. Our window film experts will work with you to provide a cutting-edge design treatment that’s suitable for your business.

Bird Deterrent Window Films

Window films to prevent bird strikes significantly reduces bird fatalities. In North America, it’s estimated that about 25 million birds die every year because of collisions with windows. With migratory routes popularized by Lake Ontario, buildings in Toronto are potentially hazardous to millions of birds each year.

Through public programs, local efforts, and genuine care for the environment, Toronto is a leader in bird fatality prevention. In 2011, the Toronto Green Standard (TGS) introduced requirements for new building developments in an effort to help curb bird deaths.

Window tinting makes reducing the number of bird injuries and fatalities simple. You can apply window film in Toronto to provide visual markers for birds, even if the films don’t include colour or images. They help our flying friends with visual cues so that birds can adjust their flight patterns and not crash into unexpected obstacles.

By not detracting from the architecture of the building, bird deterrent window films provide a sustainable solution to helping birds live throughout Toronto. They protect all birds migrating and inhabiting the area.

Call Our Team for Window Film in Toronto

Window films provide your commercial or personal property with value, security, and energy savings. Since every building is unique from architectural and personal perspectives, we will work with you to provide a solution that’s right for your needs.

Since 2007, we’ve been helping the Toronto community with window films for their privacy, solar, decorative, and bird deterrent needs. We have a variety of options available and will ensure that you get the custom solution you desire to help your business maintain its comfort level, increase its brand awareness, and continue to make an impact in Toronto.

If you have any questions about our Toronto window tinting services or window films, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your custom projects.