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Solar Films

Access Protection stocks a wide range of solar films, each with a unique appearance and set of properties, making them a cost effective solution to range of solar control issues.

Major uses

Prevention of solar heat gain, glare and fading​


Typically reflective​


Interior or exterior


Ranges from 5 Years to a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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An application of solar window film can virtually cut solar gain - the build up of excess heat that occurs when the sun shines through glazed windows for extended periods of time. Solar film reduces this heat build up by up to 80% making your building comfortable and energy efficient by reducing your demand on air conditioning needs which will translate into savings. 

The majority of solar films have reflective properties, which reflect away the suns energy before it enters the building, making it a more effective choice than costly custom blinds.

Glare and Fading

Glare can make it hard to focus on computer screens or projectors creating an unpleasant working environment. Solar film allows the natural daylight to pass through creating a reduced glare environment.

The sun's UV rays are a major cause of furniture and ​fabric fading. Solar window film can prevent 99% of these harmful rays from entering your building and damaging expensive office furniture and equipment.

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Commercial Window Film Application Performance Data

Aluminium Series - Silver Series

Sentinel - Weatherproof Exterior films

Solar Bronze Series

Stainless Steel Series


ULR Series

Panorama Series - Hilite Series

Panorama Series - Slate

Panorama Series - Sterling

We also offer decorative window films and safety and security window films; please visit these pages to learn more about our full range of window film solutions.

Saint-Gobain Solar Gard offers strong warranty coverage for its line of Solar Gard window films. Contact our professional installers for details.

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